Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 - How Can We Celebrate Eco Friendly Ganesha at H

Ganesh Chaturthi is a ten-day-long celebration observed in every nook and corner of the country. Right from decorating the puja space with beautiful flowers, and adorning Lord Ganesha with pretty ornaments to preparing delicious Modaks, all these are hosted with great zeal and pomp. Every year, millions of people gather on the day of Visarjan of the murti in seas, lakes, ponds, etc, to immerse the idol.

However, it has been observed that all these idols made from Plaster Of Paris are non-biodegradable and do not get immersed and float on the water. They cause a great negative effect on plant life, animal life, and human life as well. Follow these few simple ways to make this festival much happier and instil the idea of celebrating eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi from generation to generation.

• Avoid getting idols made from POP

MyEcoGanesha presents you exquisitely crafted Eco Friendly Ganesh murtis made from natural clay material, hand-painted with organic colours that do not harm nature in any way.

• Keep the decoration sweet and simple

Try not to promote the use of decoration items made from plastic. Make decoration items made from wood, paper, cloth, and other such materials that enhance the spirit of celebration.

Rudveda Eco-Friendly Ganpati

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• Make use of natural rangoli colors

One of the major steps you can take towards eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is not only getting home Eco-Friendly Ganesh murti but also using organic rangoli colors. Turmeric, Heena, Gulaal, rice powder, and a few flowers that give excellent color to the rangoli are perfectly safe to the environment.

• Use CFL, Save Energy

The normal bulbs or the incandescent bulbs do offer great light, they consume much energy and are not much pocket-friendly. Use the CFL (compact fluorescent lights) for the decoration and cover them with colored papers that reflect amazing color in the festival.

• Say no to plastic

Make it a point to avoid plastic while offering Prasadam to Lord and instead use banana leaf. The same banana leaf can be thrown in the plants of trees that serve a great biodegradable material.

• Keep pollution at bay

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of joy that should be celebrated causing no disturbance to the society. Playing music on the loud-speakers, burning crackers, and fireworks pose a threat to the patients, small babies, and old age in the hospitals and around us.

• Use compost pit for organic material

Once the puja is done, collectively gather the ‘Nirmalya’, the dried flowers, and other materials that act as a compost pit and a fertilizer in your garden. Wrapping them in newspapers instead of polythene bags would surely benefit your plants.

• Welcome artificial immersion tanks

Make use of pots or small tanks to immerse the Ganesh idols rather than immersing them in ponds, lakes, or seas and avoid health hazards later.

It is our first priority and duty to make sure that our Mother Nature is not harmed by the celebration that gives us joy. Let us opt for something that would not hurt our lovely planet Earth by celebrating this festival by getting home the Eco-Friendly Ganesh murti.


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